• Download on-next GmbH - SimSounds
  • Extract the files into a new directory of your choice
  • Run SimSounds.exe
  • You may use mupltiple copies of on-next GmbH - SimSounds on a single PC to support different configurations.
  • Look at menu Settings - Sounds
  • You can enable or disable individual sounds or adjust the volume settings to match your environment.
  • Use the test modes - especially for rolling, wind, rain and touch down.
Common sounds: Some recorded in real 737-800 cockpit
  • GS dependent roll and bump sounds
  • VS dependent touch down sounds for main gear and nose wheel
  • Gear up and down sounds
  • GS dependent rain sound
  • GS dependent wind sound
  • GS dependent flaps sounds
  • Opening and closing front door sounds
Cabin Announcements: Languages: German, English
  • Cabin announcement: Boarding complete
  • Cabin announcement: Welcome with flexible captain's name and dynamic local time detection
  • Cabin announcement: Safty instructions
  • Cabin intercom call: "Cabin is ready"
  • Cabin announcement: After takeoff info
  • Cabin announcement: Cruise (service and duty free)
  • Cabin announcement: Seatbelt sign on during cruise
  • Cabin announcement: Decent info
  • Cabin announcement: Approach info (placeholder only)
  • Cabin intercom call: "Passengers fastened"
  • Cabin announcement: Landing info (placeholder only)
  • Cabin announcement: After landing with dynamic airport detection
  • Cabin announcement: Parking position
Automatic flight phase detection for cabin announcements
  • You may start on-next GmbH - SimSounds when your aircraft is cold and dark
  • On ground: Both engines cutoff: Front door open: Seatbelt sign off => PreFlight
  • Seatbelt sign on => Boarding
  • Close all doors => Post Boarding
  • First engine start or push back or optional: beacon lights on => Engine start
  • 3-10 seconds later => Taxi to runway
  • 10-60 seconds later => Intercom call: Cabin ready
  • Leaving ground => Airborne
  • 3000ft AGL => Climb
  • After about 5 minutes at TOC => Cruise (service announcement at 24.000ft and above)
  • More that 1000ft below TOC => Descent
  • Below FL100 => Approach
  • 30-120 seconds later => Intercom call: Passengers fastened
  • Below 3000ft AGL => Landing
  • On ground and GS < 40 => Taxi to gate
  • Both engines off and GS=0 => Parking Position
  • Seatbelt sign off and doors open => Flight complete
  • Seatbelt sign on => Boarding
  • ...